What’s It Like to Work with ABS?

Read the bevy of testimonials and feedback from our Clients about their experience:

Air Systems of Sacramento“After completing the course, I can say with all certainty that it exceeded my expectations and was time well spent! The subject matter was very relevant to me and the company I work for. In addition, I found that the … presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities were only upstaged by your live facilitation. You have great presence coupled with an undeniable passion to mentor and cultivate the next generation of leaders. Thanks again Bill for giving me a few more “tools” to put into my toolbox!”— Gary Vaine, Detailing Manager

“I have found this experience to be significant in every way, from the content to the presentation to the venue. We are literally experiencing a culture change within our company.”

— Jim Meurer, Vice President


Aircon Energy“… the training has bettered our salespeople and office administration staff.”— Bill Sherbert, Service Sales Manager


Amgen“You do a really nice job with the class and I enjoyed it immensely. Thank you.”— Jennifer Fitzgerald, State Government Affairs, Amgen


Award Metals“I have enjoyed the workshops. I have shared with my managers and key personnel, and I have always received positive feedback. Keep up the good work!”— Steve Hong, General Manager, Award Metals


Brown Construction“I am thankful that I was fortunate enough to attend your course. I have benefited in both my personal and professional life. We’re still seeing the dividends of our training together a year later particularly in better teamwork and communication. We’re planning on setting up an in-house training program next year to share some of the elements of the course with office personnel. Thank you.”— Tom Sanders, Project Manager


Bank of Agriculture and Commerce“It has been wonderful to watch this manager grow and develop new skills. She has taken these new skills and pulled together a team that is achieving daily what was only a possibility a year ago.”— Linda Jeffers, AVP Human Resources


Burrell Consulting“This program was the best management program that I have attended. For my department, I would calculate the increase of teamwork and productivity in my group went up 10%.”— Vanessa Eckerman, VP


Borges Architectural Group“I enjoyed the training over the past year and learned a lot.”— Roger Davis, Job Captain


Coca-Cola“I was able to apply some of the techniques for making concessions and saved thousands of dollars in the process.”— Doug Bunker, Marketing Support Manager, Coca Cola Bottling Company of Sacramento


Caltronics“I strongly believe that taking this course has made me a better manager. This training course would be a valuable tool for any manager in any profession.”— Dan DeMaria, Sales Manager


CC Myers“Thank you for being an outstanding facilitator. The professionalism and commitment by you and your staff really makes this program work.”— Dan Himick, President“Each month, it seemed that there was always a topic immediately relevant to a work-related issue. You helped me process and put many of those issues into the proper context.”

— Howard Zabell, Project Manager

“I want to thank you also for the classes and the excellent job you did in presenting the material, keeping us on track and sharing some wonderful experiences. I’m sure that the next group of employees will find it very beneficial.”

— Carla Bates, HR Manager


Chardonnay Golf Club“It was great to see a management team work together on implemented ideas learned in your seminars.I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to improve themselves or their organization.”— Ray Graziani, Head Golf Professional


Clark Pest Control“I really enjoyed the classes. It’s a great program!”— Brad Parker


Contra Costa Federal Credit Union“Thanks again for how much you helped my career and for our senior executives.”— David Green, President (2005)In spite of the high standard you set initially, you have still exceeded our expectations consistently.”

— Aki Muraoka, President/CEO (1997)


Citizens Communications“My participation… has been a highlight in my continuing education.”— Patty Suter, Operations Manager


DST Output“We have seen remarkable progress in the management skill sets of those associates completing the program.”— Scott Shelton, Sr. VP & GM


Delta Construction“Eric gave you very high marks.”— Skip Brown, President, Delta Construction


DPR Construction“You do great work. Every one of our people who attended the series received a benefit and everyone in our office learned something new.”— Brad Des Jardin, Regional Manager


Earthgrains“The format and material used created an interaction that was impossible not to get to know my fellow participants. Your style of speaking and how you engage all of the group exemplifies the success of this program.”— Kathy Savage, Plant Manager


EDS“I’ve never felt more comfortable and confident in such a high-stress situation. At least some of this comfort and confidence can be attributed to the monthly practice I got at the monthly sessions.”— Don Whitsel, EDS


effiliate“I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I would like to take the classes again. All the sessions were great. You, Eric, Bill and Kristy made all of us feel welcome, and that is great customer service.”— Eleana Bernardino, Customer Care Manager, Efilliate, Inc./CyberGuys.com


Ewing Irrigation“I want to thank you for being a great facilitator… the training opened my eyes like none had before. I have put the dealing with difficult customers to use 3 times and they have been extremely effective. I’m sure I saved 3 relationships for our company.”— Ronn Alexander, Branch Manager


First Service Insurance“… you and the course have made our management team stronger, and our business better.”— Doug Lindley, President


Golden State Utility Co“The leadership techniques you have given us will help all our management team adjust to a different and complex world that we live in now and excel with success. I look forward to the future of sending some of my future leaders through your program.”— Michael Roach, Area Manager


Great Clips“These classes are priceless. Don’t let not attending be the reason you don’t succeed.”— Stevia Walker, Systems Supervisor


“I feel my skill level has drastically increased. You do a great job! These classes are true life lessons that will always be relevant when managing people.”— Eric Rochelle, Americas Global Account Ops HP Volume Direct


Harris Bruno“Having my entire upper management team involved has allowed us to be more effective leaders.”— Nick Bruno, President & CEO


Henry Wine Group“This gives one the power to embrace their potential. Developing and having fun at the same time is a powerful combination.”— Dan Sedlock, Sr. VP & General Manager


IBM“I found this program to be the best overall leadership development program I have ever participated in.”— Tom York, Services Unit Manager


Impact Photographics“… never had better operational continuity, focus, personal and group productivity, and employee morale. Results are absolutely what has happened.”— Jeff Wagner, VP & General Manager


IDEXXI found this to be a very pertinent and condensed experience covering most fundamentals of management and leadership in an in depth approach (excluding financials) that includes… facilitated discussions, interesting and illuminating (also fun!) interactive and role playing exercises, and some very revealing “quizzes”, puzzles, riddles, etc. aimed at expanding the management consciousness, fostering new ways of thinking, and promoting positive/productive group interactions and meetings.”— Dr. Linda Werner, DVM, PhD Clinical Pathologist (ACVP, ACVIM), Head, Contract Research Services


Intech Mechanical“We gained a great deal of practical knowledge and information. It was well worth our time and money.”— Rick Chowdry, President


Lipomics“I personally was able to successfully negotiate a delicate situation with an attorney and walked away having saved nearly $70,000 by applying a few of the negotiating strategies.”— Dr. Tom Anderson, CEO


Lodi Equipment“Something magic is happening at Lodi Equipment! There’s a new attitude that I credit largely to the effect of implementation of the skills introduced through the series by our staff and management.”— J.B. Carter, President


Level OneAll managers, even good managers, can benefit from the seminars.”— Dr. Robert Pepper, President & CEO


Meyer Corporation“Working with Bill Cole and ABS has afforded the staff at Meyer US the opportunity to grow and expand the leadership capabilities of our senior management team.Through regular professional sessions facilitated by Bill, our leadership team has developed into a cohesive and motivated group and have translated our training into accelerated performance of our individual teams and the company.”— Jenny Bledsoe, VP HR, Meyer Corporation“It was truly a great day today; your leadership is much appreciated. See you next month.”

— Jeffrey Kruskall, Sr. Director of New Bus. Devl., Meyer Corporation


Market One BuildersThanks for all your help. Great class.”— James Fitzgerald, VP, MarketOne Builders


Milgard Windows“All the supervisors have thanked me for allowing them the opportunity to attend the training and have recommended continued participation for the balance of the supervisors in the organization.”— Hank Serat, General Manager, Milgard Windows


M H Builders“Our company started attending training almost a year ago, and every month the training has given me the tools to effectively manage projects and in doing so is helping me to positively contribute to our team. I am grateful that the owner of our company made the decision to invest in all of our futures with this priceless training opportunity.— Cindy Campbell, M & H Builders


Objective Systems Integrators“Thanks again for the great classes. I do believe it is making a me a better manager, and I am building a more efficient team because of it.”— Scot Wilkie, R&D Software Manager


OCE Printing“I’ve sent 15 or so managers to your training program ranging from entry level manager to senior level. There hasn’t been one employee who didn’t rave about the training. Let’s go ahead and register the next 8.”— Lynne Reynolds, Human Resources Director, OCE Display Systems


Otto Construction“Your program has changed me in many ways for the better! Thanks again!”— John Hayward, Sr. Project Manager, Otto Construction


TacoBell“I would like to recommend the… series to any professional organization that is looking to develop their staff’s managerial skills and in turn, the skills of their company. The course materials are very pertinent for today’s manager.”— David Olson, Director of Operations, OCAT, Inc. Taco Bell/Chevys Restaurants


PAMCO“Thanks for another great session. We continue to make the training a part of our “corporate culture” and it has really helped us grow. If it is okay with you I will give your name and number to my strategic planning consultant, she may have companies she can refer you too. I am fussy who I attach my name too, but….you guys ROCK!!”— Michelle Kleker, VP & Regional Manager, PAMCO (Pacific American Mortgage Co)


PMI logo“Over the course of my career, some 30 years, I have been introduced in one form or another to most of the subjects that you presented to us over the year plus. However, never in such a coordinated way and with the expertise of your delivery. I feel that the course has helped immensely. We, as a Company, have overhauled our procedures, and the way in which we approach tasks and clients. I consider what we got out of your course was well worth the time and money our Company put into it, and continue to put into it. Thank you for helping this old dog to learn new tricks.”— Dave Quirk, VP Operations, Performance Mechanical Inc.


PolycompI’ve come a long way from the beginning of the course. Thank you for your contribution toward my success.”— Denise Vaughn, Manager – Plan Administration


Pet Emergency Center…a great leadership class that has proven very valuable to our organization. The success and information that we have received has helped my management team grow in their skill and ability to work effectively with their teams. I very much endorse and feel that they can be a valuable asset to any veterinary practice and management team.”— Dr. James Young, Owner, Pet Emergency Center


Quincy Engineering“Of all the training I have participated in over the years, (yours) provided Quincy Engineering with easily the best value.”— John S. Quincy, President, Quincy Engineering“As I said today, you are extremely good at what you do and I have enjoyed working with and learning from you…” 

— Jeff W. Olson

“It has been my pleasure to attend your class. You are an outstanding facilitator. I love your humor and your ability to keep that ship moving forward.”

— Karen Tatum, PE, Quincy Engineering


Rack n Road“Thanks for a great experience and your great classes and your great program.”— Greg A. Bauer, President, Bauer Industries & Rack n Road


Reeve Knight“Thank you for being such a great facilitator and helping our organization with your insight. I have shared many of the ideas that were given to us in the training modules with the project managers in our office. I feel that the satisfaction that our current staff has increased and our overall output has increases as well. I was the biggest skeptic going into this training, but I will be the first to admit that I stand corrected.”— John Grey, VP Operations


RAS Builders“Let me take this opportunity to thank you & your staff for a great year! I personally grew from the time I spent in your training.”— John Clouse, Director of Operations


Rex Moore“Thank you for the great service you deliver. Every one of the 10 employees attending has given the program high marks.”— David Rex Moore, President, Rex Moore Electrical


Roebbelen“Thanks for providing me a pain free environment to grow.”— John Breidenbach, Project Manager


San Juan Unified School District“Yesterday was a great session! I was so impressed with the compaction of so much information on the change process that I would recommend it be shared with whatever change group the district has put together to support this visioning process. I attended a Change Conference about 6 years ago and got lots of great ideas but this module really puts it together in a small concise powerful package.”— Dennis Pedersen, Principal, San Juan Unified School District


Siemens“The training program is structured in a way that allows our managers to fit training into their busy schedules. I look forward to more opportunities to work with you in the future.”— Erika Duffy, Training & Development Mgr., Siemens Transportation Systems Inc.


Shanahans Auto Body“Thank you… for the outstanding classes. Since I have been attending I have learned many key points one should know when managing a small business.”— Matt Stevens, Body Shop Manager, Shanahans Auto Body


State Street“I want to communicate my sincere appreciation to you and your team. The return on investment has far exceeded our expectations”— Jim Meuleners, VP & Director of Training


Swan Associates Inc“The training was worth every penny. Anyone with a desire to learn how to become a complete, well-rounded manager, anyone who wants to understand how to tap the full potential of the company, the employee, the customer and themselves, needs this training.”— Jason Hurley, Swan Associates Inc.


Systems 3 Inc“Thank you for helping me to be a better person and a leader.”— Pam Knoblock, HR Manager, Systems 3 Inc.


Taylor Systems Engineering“You have always been a great inspiration.”— Cliff Gustafson, P.E., President


Teichert“I am sure I will miss coming to the meetings. It was a pleasure meeting and learning from you. Awesome experience!”— Leann Martinusen, Project Manager


Valley First Credit Union“You have raised the standard to new heights. Our people are more excited and dedicated than I would have imagined.”— Hank Barrett, President & CEO


WECA-IEC“Thanks for a great experience.”— Dan Bierly, Manager, Western Electrical Contractors Assn


WESTCAL Property Management“I am very proud of that certification. Your seminars have helped me on many levels and I look forward each month to them. You have affected me more than I ever thought you (and your crew!) would. Thank you.”— Brenda Morgan, Property Manager, Westcal Management


AD Land Ventures“When times are tough, this training really pays off.”— Greg Houck, President


“I would like to extend my personal endorsement of the design and applications within the course. It was a year of high energy and impact.”— Steve Bossy, Quality Manager, BC Stocking


“What a great meeting yesterday! Greg and I walked away with some good action steps!”— Chris Scott, Operations Manager, BWC Mortgage


“Thank you for providing me the opportunity to partake of the program. It was time well spent.”— Dr. Henry Wells, Senior Pastor, Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church


“…share the tremendous feedback that we have received from our managers… I truly believe that the training will be critical in preparing our leaders to meet the challenges of the coming years.”— Brett Richardson, HR Manager, Gregory Bragg & Associates, Inc.


“I saw results right away. The course and training materials have made a positive impact on our firm.”— Jim Marta, CPA, ARM, Gilbert Accountancy


“I found these follow up sessions to be some of the best times I’ve ever spent with my staff. This, in itself, was worth the time and investment.”— Bob Olsen, Chairman & CEO, JR Roberts Company


“This program has been a real turning point in my life. It’s the best to which I have ever been exposed.”— Dr. Greg Pogue, VP, Large Scale Biology Corporation


“I would recommend this valuable training to anyone who has a desire to develop better managers and more productive work environments.”— Betti Spencer, Placer Sierra Bank

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