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In House Training and Facilitation Live Video

For in house training, bring in an ABS trainer. We offer customized applications in formats ranging from 3 hours to 2 days. Topics include how to:

  • Communicate Effectively
  • Manage Performance
  • Serve Well
  • Create Hi Performance Teamwork
  • Negotiate Breakthroughs
  • Sell Professionally
  • Enhance Customer Focus & Loyalty
  • Strategize, Plan, and Execute
  • Use Time as One of Your Most Valuable Assets

For an outsider’s perspective with insider’s knowledge, bring in an ABS facilitator to guide your team. Sessions are held from half day to multi-day formats with follow up. Facilitated session topics include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Clarity
  • Brainstorm Innovations
  • Find Solutions (instead of problem-solve!)
  • Build Teamwork
  • Manage Conflict
  • Target Market

Bring in Bill Cole to Speak or Train

ColeCollageBill Cole is an internationally-respected professional speaker, trainer, executive coach, and strategic advisor. A professional speaker since 1985, Bill was the 1990-92 President of the Sacramento Chapter of the International Federation of Professional Speakers and was honored as their 1992 Chapter Member of the Year. He’s spoken to thousands of business owners, managers, and executives on a variety of business-related topics. His keynotes include: The ABC Formula & the Core Value of Service, The ABC Formula of Sales™, The ABC Formula of Leadership™, How to Be a Goal-Getter Instead of just a Goal-Setter, and Use Time as One of Your Most Valuable Assets.

With more than thirty years of professional experience, Bill’s recognized expertise in building and leading effective business organizations led him to found Advanced Business Solutions, Inc.  He currently serves as President and CEO. His skills include strategic planning, market targeting, organizational development, operational effectiveness, sales strategy, negotiations, and customer focus. Bill’s customized seminars and workshops are top-rated. His mission is to “positively impact people’s lives.” Get a copy of his book: The ABC Formula: Building Your Life’s Enduring Core Values.

Bill Cole’s background is multi-dimensional. He was an accomplished athlete and coach, a professional musician and an educator before developing an interest in management, operational systems, and organizational development. His experience includes an international consulting assignment to a national educational radio and television network living as well as key management positions in a national restaurant chain, a high technology company, a national business development consulting firm, and a franchised international training organization.

Bill enjoys staying in shape, classical and jazz music, plus traveling with his wife, Kristy. They were married in 1973. He’s chaired several non profit boards including the California Wind Orchestra and is currently a church elder for Epiclesis: An Ancient-Future Faith Community and board member of the Ancient-Future Faith Network.


Elevations_ORGS What is Elevations and What Makes it Special?

Elevations for Organizations is a unique all-in-one online assessment tool that meets people where they are and shows them what’s possible. It includes assessments of an individual’s values, skills, interests, and personality temperaments. Elevations helps leaders create a high engagement culture where talent can thrive. And it helps individuals align their talents and aspirations to pursue meaningful work within an organization. Developed by Helen Horyza, Founder of Scully Career Associates, this assessment is rapidly gaining preference among organizational leaders and HR professionals as an insightful and useful talent assessment tool.

HelenHoryzaHelen writes, “Elevations is proud and excited to be a partner with Advanced Business Solutions.  We value the opportunity to reach out to leaders who are committed to helping their employees reach their potential and create outstanding results. Adding the amazing training and coaching abilities of the ABS organization to our Elevations for Organizations assessment, we offer you the total talent development solution.”

Purchase your Elevations report(s) now for only $35.00 each.

Let us know how many individuals you want to take the assessment. We’ll then contact you by email to coordinate payment and access to the assessment.

Let us know the details right here.

Why Use Elevations?

In the leadership competency of How to Identify and Coach Talent, all leaders face a range of challenges with drawing out the best performance from talent – including our own. Whether you’re in a small start-up, or large well-established organization, this assessment profile tool will help you:

  • be an employer of choice
  • make every recruiting dollar count
  • place the right people on the right seat on the bus
  • minimize unwanted turnover
  • build a ”deeper bench” to shore up your succession plans
  • lessen non-productive inter-generational dynamics
  • link an employee’s aspirations with bottom line objectives

What do others say about Elevations?

Elevations provides unique insight into what motivates an employee based on the employee’s values.  This insight provides managers with guidance to assign work to their team based on their individual strengths and motivation. - Stephen Dickie, Production Manager, Barrier Systems Inc.

I found the career coaching tips found in the Elevations report as being insightful and immediately useful. - Elizabeth Sparkman, Sr. Civil Engineer, City of Rancho Cordova

I found Elevations helped me in many ways… [It] helped me to see where my team is exceptionally strong and look to improve the team by bringing in or developing weaker traits just like I do personally. Elevations helped me better understand the way that team members like to work, solve problems and communicate. - Dave Pavao, VP/GM, ClearBags

I was impressed with Elevations and how well it described me. The coaching tips on what to work on in each area were very helpful. - Eric Wilkins, Impact Photographics

Purchase your Elevations report(s) now for only $35.00 each.

Let us know how many individuals you want to take the assessment. We’ll then contact you by email to coordinate payment and access to the assessment.

Let us know the details right here.

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    ABS is pleased to announce The ABC Formula of Leadership™. This innovative course includes skill training and coaching in the major competencies of leadership.

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