The ABC Formula of Leadership™ Overview

What is Leadership?

Most people move into leadership roles based on their technical skills, industry experience, or loyalty to the organization. It’s a system that’s served many organizations well. However, there’s a missing link, beyond what led to the role. The ABC Formula of Leadership™ is defined by an individual’s ability to:

  • Achieve Results with Others
  • Be a Postive Role Model
  • Challenge All to Be the Best We Can Be

Whether someone is new or an experienced leader… or a key influencer… and regardless of the industry or size and type of organization, The ABC Formula of Leadership™ develops the 7 core competencies beyond industry and organizational experience plus technical skills. 6 competencies are skills, and the 7th is attitudinal. These ‘How to’s’ are:

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The ABC Formula of Leadership™ Course Methodology
Based on research and direct experience with more than 5,500 leaders from a wide variety of industries, Advanced Business Solutions developed this innovative course to fill the leadership development gap and complete the missing link. Based on learning methods that lead to actual behavioral change, this layered learning process builds on small chunks of training and reinforces skills over time rather than typical event-based information
overload approaches.

negotiating 6Dynamic Learning Environment:
• Meet monthly in half day meetings
• Hi activity-based involvement
• Immediate & practical applications
• Case studies & role plays
• Small group discussions
• Fun, fast-paced & challenging
• Maximum participation
• Minimum lecture-dominated presentations
• Engage other committed leaders

leadership is not a position

Course Support:
• Follow Up Plans
• eComm reinforcements
• Accountability & Progress Reports
• Content archive online access
• How to Maximize Your ROI session
• Availability of 1-on-1 coaching
• Preferred Client pricing for additional services
• In house options available

Your Bottom Line:

Course participants quickly gain additional tools, techniques, and skills to lead better and help others become more productive immediately. You can expect measurable bottom line results with a positive impact on everyone involved.

The ABC Formula of Leadership™ Course Benefits

negotiating 1

Participant Growth:
• Increased leadership competence
• Improved people skills
• Improved knowledge of management & leadership
• Improved attitude
• Improved confidence
• Character growth
• Sense of accomplishment
• Greater independence
• Handle people challenges more competently
• Get more done with the same resources
• Ability to deal with different personalities
• Deal more effectively with the dynamics of change
• Think more strategically

3D renders of an old compass with different texts

Team Growth:
• Common experience & vocabulary
• Shared knowledge & information base
• Knowledge of best practices
• Improved consistency in leadership
• More stability in leadership team
• Higher productivity
• Improved morale
• Better teamwork
• Improved organizational loyalty
• Lower organizational turnover
• Attract better people
• Hi engagement culture

org_eff_products_insightspuzzleOrganization Growth:
• More things get done timely & correctly
• Customer satisfaction & loyalty increases
• Easier to find & keep good people
• Greater bench strength of next generation leaders
• Culture deals more effectively with challenges
• Take better advantage of strategic opportunities
• Increased community recognition & reputation
• Improved profitability

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    ABS is pleased to announce The ABC Formula of Leadership™. This innovative course includes skill training and coaching in the major competencies of leadership.

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