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How Do People Really Feel About Meetings?

Posted: Mar 30, 2011 | Posted by Bill Cole | No Comments

Bad meetings, meeting effectivenessUnfortunately, this too often depicts the consequences of meetings poorly run.  People feel drained and dying to get them over!

Run your meetings in ways that energize rather than dampen enthusiasm for the agenda at hand.  Oh wait, do you have an agenda?

If yes, good for you!  If not, well let’s just say you should.

And please, it’s not enough to hand an agenda out at the beginning of the meeting.  That’s not fair!

People have the right to know what’s supposed to happen before it actually does. Remember to e mail it out ahead of time.  That’s a good start to effective communication.

Meeting best practices guide asking for input on a draft agenda, before it’s finalized.  When you get people involved before the meeting, it always goes much better.

And there are five keys to help folks start to love your meetings!  I call them:

The Bill of (Meeting) Rights:
5 Keys to Help People Love Your Meetings

These are sometimes called ‘Bill’s Meeting Rights.’  At a minimum and  prior to meeting, everyone has the right to know:

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